Pluto CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

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    Anything the size of your business or your applications, Sparkle Laser has a rotating etcher for you. Customize anything, make a wide range of signage with our sign arrangements, and factory a wide range of modern parts thanks to our modern engineers. By using this Pluto CO2 Laser Engraving or Cutting Machine the customer can use different types of non-metal materials like Fabrics, Wood, Jade, Acrylic, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Marble, Paper, Rubber, Wood Veneer, and Plastic.

    Everything began when we imagined the advanced pantograph, the notable manual etching machine, destined to be utilized by everyone. We have generally continued to improve the Marking and Engraving/Cutting field from that point forward, which permits us today to introduce a thorough scope of CO2 engravers, Pluto engravers, and Non-metal Laser Cutting Machines with devoted extras.

    This Pluto CO2 Laser Engraving or Cutting Machine has a user-friendly interface so that customers can use it easily and easy to operate. We do provide a real-time visible live pointer for preview marks for our industrial users. Moreover, we offer different sizes of CO2 non-metal laser cutting machine such as 600*400, 900*600, 1300*900, 1300*2500, 1600*1000, 1800*1000, and double heads and four head are also available in all the dimensions in MM.

    From rich in-store personalization to modern etching and metalworking, our etching and cutting machines and CO2 engraver cover every one of the rotating applications and make them simple for you to dominate. Pluto CO2 Laser Cutting Machine comes up with a consistent cutting and engraving quality.

    Additionally, the Laser Cutting Machine non-metal is available with Honey Comb, Blower, and Chiller.  Pluto CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is compatible with different software such as CorelDRAW, Auto Cad, Photoshop, and AI. Customers can utilize this software to get a better output of the product.


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