M360° Laser Marking Machine

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    360 degree laser marking machine is the best choice for engraving and marking hardware devices, plastic items, blades, kitchen items, computer keyboards, metal frills, etc. This laser marking framework embraces a coordinated design and optical fiber transmission, which is not difficult to be incorporated into the industrial production process.

    Moreover, the M360 laser can be worked straightforwardly through the control interface (USB), without consumables, and the dropping cost of the product is extraordinarily reduced.

    Sparkle Laser offers high effectiveness, long life, and maintenance-free execution compared to traditional old laser. M360 Laser Marking Machine facilitates the 360 degree rotation for printing and designing the use of buttons, packaging bottles, glasses frames, integrated circuits, sanitary ware faucets, and so on. Generally, when you work with small parts you can make the marking easily. But when it comes to large parts you need a 360 model laser marking machine.

    The beam quality of the M360 laser marking machine is incredibly high and can do marking at a higher recurrence than traditional innovation and with small detailing by having a control on the parameters. We offer portable machine designs with a compact size, especially for industrial production use with our trolley laser marking machine. Use this 360 degree laser marking machine for Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes, etc. Moreover, by using this laser marking machine customers can perform Scribing operations, Surface Annealing, and Etching.

    360 degree laser marking machine represents the latest and most advanced technology for industrial production use. Being India’s leading laser marking machine provider, Sparkle Laser provides various types of industrial laser marking machines. Additionally, we do offer installation of machines and 24/7 support and services. Give it a try and test our M360 Laser Marking Machine for your business before buying it.


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