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    The jewellery laser welding machine is a unique soldering tool that is widely used in the jewellery industry for joining various parts together. It is basically utilized for jewellery welding, hole filling, electric welding, fixing crease lines and much more. It utilizes a high laser beam to heat and melt the solder, creating a solid bond amongst the parts. 

    The laser gold soldering machine includes little weld width, little intensity impacted region, little item distortion, high weld strength, and no porosity; it tends to be applied to jewellery laser spot welding, energy, beat width recurrence, spot size can be in a wide area.

    Additionally, the jewellery Laser Soldering Machine is a better return on investment because of its low-cost working and low investment. Desktop or vertical type designed machine for easy activity with right calculation of Display, Microscope. 

    We are specialized in making and distributing industrial and jewellery machines all over India. Therefore, we have designed this machine by focusing on the jeweller for diminished moving parts for trouble-free machine life and lowest or zero maintenance. Although, our jewellery laser welding machine is specially developed with an inbuilt Water Cooling System. Moreover, extraordinary laser energy innovation to convey High Peak Power for the best outcomes.

    An added benefit of micro laser soldering machines is its capability to get more precise and accurate results. The laser beam gets directed and controls the heat amount that is applied to the joint. As a result, the complete soldering process is highly efficient and reliable. 

    Speed of the mini laser soldering machine also provides a crucial role. The traditional soldering method seems to be time consuming and requires skilled labor to carry out the tasks effectively. The omega laser soldering machine comes with several advantages, including certain challenges. Out of them, the equipment cost is at the top. The jewellery soldering machines are quite expensive, which makes it tough for startups or small businesses with low budgets. 

    Although, there are certain challenges but the jewellery laser welding machines can outweigh such challenges. 

    Benefits of Jewellery Laser Welding Machine

    Some of the top advantages of laser gold soldering machine includes:

    • Highly accurate & precise
    • High speed performance
    • Versatile
    • Highly reliable

    Disadvantages of Omega Laser Soldering Machine

    Here’s list of disadvantages of micro laser soldering machine:

    • Expensive enough
    • Required trained labor
    • High maintenance cost

    Specification of Laser Soldering Machine



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