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    Opto Motorize Laser Marking Machine is one of the best quality, long-lasting laser jewellery machines. Certainly, our modern laser jewellery machine can be used with different materials like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Platinum, Titanium, Argentine, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and so on.

    Moreover, this laser machine is also known as a hallmark gold testing machine. However, the laser jewellery machine includes Upkeep Free Pulsed laser source in fiber, D.S.P. Likewise, innovation, USB interface for an association, Mechanized Z-hub constrained by a switch, Red Pointer for Easy Positioning, Air-cooled framework, and Discretionary Work station type.

    In addition, the clear plastic keys, incorporated circuit(IC), computerized item parts, accuracy apparatus, adornments, sterile products, estimating and cutting instruments, versatile correspondence parts, auto and bike embellishments, plastic items, clinical gadgets, building material, and line, etc.

    Additionally, the Opto Motorize Laser marking Machine has a High hardness compound, electroplate items, covering items, ABS, epoxy tar, ink covering items, and clay. Moreover, taking the amount of our ability, our shown plan, and reliable parts we have made the beat Fiber laser, the Fiber Energy. But without the need for self-change or complex staggered checking, we can now give an essential stripped-back experience without undermining our thing quality. Further, fiber Energy has a particular game plan utilizing shown parts to see ceaselessly your parts, with high partition and high strength checking.

    In addition, the laser jewellery machine requires ~ 400 W power consumption, an air cooling system, and 15° to 25° C ambient temperature range. Furthermore, the laser jewellery machine has a portable design with a compact size and production Report Integration. Certainly, the machine includes status monitoring and safe shutdown, maintenance-free with low power consumption, and a Real-time red beam preview ensures accurate positioning. However, this laser marking machine for jewellery is compatible with Surface Marking, Engraving, and Texturing.

    So, use this laser machine for Marking Logos, Text, QR, and Photos and Auto Marking usefulness is accessible. Moreover, we comprehend our client, client need is our need accordingly we offer types of assistance for altered programming and robotization combinations according to the client’s prerequisites.

    Specification of Jewellery Laser Marking Machines


    1 review for Opto Motorized Laser Marking Machine

    1. rahul

      Best tabletop hallmarking machine with bis-approved software. I am using this machine for a very long. I set up this machine in every branch and my operator easily uses this machine.

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