CO2-9060 Laser Cutting Machine

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    Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

    In light of the first model, this CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine configuration have been amended and improved, bringing about better machine execution. The most recent plan has an extraordinary look, is foldable, and is easy to pack and transport. Whenever a customer uses it, they can switch the unit, they can do it rapidly.

    Moreover, this CO2 Laser Cutting Machine essentially expands the efficiency of the product and reduces the speed and the expense of the production. Therefore this Co2 Laser Cutting Machine is the first choice of the customers.

    This CO2-9060 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine are compatible with different software such as CorelDRAW, Auto Cad, Photoshop, and AI.

    So, customers can utilize this software to get a better output of the product. Moreover, we offer the excellent Laser Engraving Cutting Machine thinking about worldwide quality principles and developed as per that.

    CO2 Laser Cutting Machine comes up with simple to use position modes to help the operator with an easy way to arrange a task for laser etching. Redundant work processes can be definitely rearranged by migrating the beginning situation to an ideal area. Further, we also added an emergency stop button to handle some situations. A large red button situated on the highest point of the laser etcher allows the operator to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to give exceptionally secure activity.

    Additionally, the latest CO2-9060 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine can be used with various materials like Fabrics, Wood, Jade, Acrylic, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Marble, Paper, Rubber, Wood Veneer, and Plastic.

    Brilliant vacuum change is a phenomenal plan that permits clients to pick a top or base ventilation as indicated by their laser etching requests. Additionally, the CO2 Laser Engraving Machine is available with Honey Comb, Blower, and Chiller. Utilize this CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine to make your work easy.


    Specification of Laser Cutting Machine


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