Ozone CCD Laser Marking Machine

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    Situating and finding the little pieces/parts like coordinated chips and laser stamping are complicated. Moreover, laser checking of chronic letters or any alphanumeric code is complicated and basic. We have presented another CCD mechanized situating Ozone CCD Laser Marking Machine.

    Additionally, this laser stamping machine has incorporated a CCD camera that permits the jewellery designer to modern camera laser marking machine with programmed Positioning, expansion of the naming/stamping region, and super top quality situating precision.

    Ozone CCD Laser Marking machine can be used with different materials like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Platinum, Titanium, Argentine, Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and so on. This latest laser marking machine for jewellery is especially appropriate for stamping on super high-accuracy significant parts that are hard to put and situated well manually.

    For instance, valuable metals like gold and silver, pens, electronic circuits, IC chips, All the power gadgets, circuit sheets, resistors, little detached and dynamic parts like capacitors, metal buttons make with ss, copper, and extraordinary applications in clinical enterprises where it needs to keep UDI guidelines.

    It is likewise appropriate to check on unimaginable parts to position the hard way and by manual stacking with next to no apparatus. To that end, it turned into a gift to every one of the producers. Further, this laser stamping machine includes exceptionally near-zero imperfections laser checking. So, there will be less bundling scrap and fewer inaccurate imprints. Moreover, the alignment of minuscule parts is programmed in this laser marking machine for jewellery.

    Low functional and deformity cost brings more creation and economy, which recoveries time also. Additionally, this camera laser marking machine has more accuracy: Uncompromising precision and consistency, great Laser checking and handling.

    Sparkle Laser’s laser stamping machine has a portable design with a compact size and production Report Integration. Further, the machine includes status monitoring and safe shutdown, maintenance-free with low power consumption, and a Real-time red beam preview ensures accurate positioning. However, this laser marking machine for jewellery is compatible with Surface Marking, Engraving, and Texturing.

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    1. tarun gujjar

      This is the best machine on hallmarking gold jewellery. Best working this machine.

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