Falcon Auto Fiber Laser Welding Machine

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    Fiber laser Welding Machine is proficient for applications in customary equipment, new energy, and different businesses. Certainly, it enjoys the benefits of high pinnacle power, excellent pillar quality, and adaptable establishment. Additionally, the laser bar can understand different spot shapes, handle unpredictable spots simultaneously, fulfill different serious need welding impacts like crossover welding, and acknowledge exact and effective welding.

    Falcon Auto Spot Welding Machine is the opposite of a hand-held machine. Additionally, it spots automatically as you have programmed it in the system. The laser welding machine for hardened steel is adaptable and helpful and can weld voluntarily. However, it has an auto laser welding head, which is adaptable and can weld any piece of the workpiece. The automatic fiber laser welding machine metal has few limitations on the size and space of the workpiece, and sifting long haul work is difficult.

    Moreover, this spot welding machine supports various materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Sheet, and MS. However, the Automatic Spot Welding Machine for stainless steel possesses a more modest region and is adaptable and advantageous.

    In addition, the spot welding machine specifies the welding work more direct, the welding speed is faster, and the idea of the finished thing is better. Even more, the spot welding machine is for the most part used in metal advancing characters welding, treated steel planning welding, and sheet steel department unendingly welding of tremendous sheet steel plans.

    Further, the laser welding machine includes a welding head outline that is accessible for customization to conform to financial plans and creation site, it can be altered, isolated, united, and quickly docked with the client’s creation line. Additionally, the falcon Auto Laser Welding Machine embraces modern PC for straightforward and solid activity and a wobble welding head is utilized to make numerous optic ways.

    Moreover, this fiber laser welding machine comes up with low activity cost, less consumable materials, and basic day-to-day upkeep with less expense, can do contactless remote welding, a lot simpler than the customary welding strategy.


    Specification of Fiber laser Welding Machine


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