Jewellery Gold Laser Cutting Machine

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    In the world of jewellery manufacturing, providing precise and accurate results is one of the prime concerns. Every single minute detail or cut needs to be inculcated with high precision ensuring that the stunning pieces capture the attention. To do it effectively, this is where the Gold Jewellery Laser Cutting Machine comes into the picture!

    Looking forward to getting precise and accurate results? Our jewellery gold laser cutting machine comes with three power options like 50W, 80W or 100W. The users can select the power level that best matches their cutting requirements. The gold laser cutting machine is best known to provide consistent and accurate cutting results at every point of time. 

    The gold jewellery laser cutting machine by Sparkle Laser is designed in a unique way for cutting precious materials like gold, silver and other metals. Such an advanced laser cutting machine possess the ability to cut a thickness from 0.01mm to 2.0mm. On the other hand, the cutting machine uses KS Optimus laser technology in the jewellery manufacturing process. It possesses the linear speed of 12000 mm/s that aids to optimize production without making any compromise on quality. 

    Currently, no jewellery manufacturers would bear a downtime. That’s where the jewellery gold laser cutting machine has the ability to use it continuously and thus, providing highly reliable results. The machine has the power stability of 5% and can adjust power range from 1% to 100% providing smooth workflow and enhanced productivity. 

    Our gold laser cutting machine can be used widely to craft attractive designs for earrings, pendants, or rings, thus bringing imagination to reality. It is an all-in-one tool to craft and take your design to new heights.

    Key Features & Benefits of Jewellery Gold Laser Cutting Machine

    • Precise Cutting: Our jewellery gold laser cutting machine offers precise results, that allows to cut minute patterns and designs with advanced accuracy.
    • Highly Versatile: The laser cutting machine for gold jewellery is highly versatile that can work with precious metals like gold, silver and other metals, hence satisfying your diverse needs. 
    • Flawless Workflow: The machine has a linear speed and adjustable power settings that helps to offer a flawless workflow, increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime error. 
    • User-friendly Interface: The laser cutting machine for gold jewellery is designed with user-friendly interface and easy to operate, hence allowing to accomplish qualitative results.
    • Feasible Rates: The jewellery gold laser cutting machine helps minimize waste and increase productivity, providing the cost-effective solution and increasing ROI.

    Applications of Jewellery Gold Laser Cutting Machine

    • Jewellery Manufacturing: The jewellery gold laser cutting machine is a perfect match to cut minute designs, patterns, shapes for jewelleries like earrings, pendants, rings, etc.
    • Prototyping: The machine is best suited for crafting prototypes and samples for advanced jewellery designs, thus capturing the attention of the customers.
    • Easy Customization: Get personalized engraving and services for customers, thus adding value to your business and increasing customer satisfaction.



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